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Fighting for our Harbor - Snook & Tarpon Conservation

Snook Tarpon Conservation Projects

Our love and concern for the Charlotte Harbor area and our local fishery does not end when we step foot on dry land. Capt. Rhett is passionate about Tarpon, and snook conservation and the importance of ensuring that future generations have a chance to experience their magnificence first hand. As a director on the Save The Tarpon Foundation, we are actively pursuing ways to not only protect Tarpon, but to educate younger generations and clients on the importance of securing their survival.

We also worked closely with the FWC during the freeze of 2010, to help gather temperatures, death tolls, and other factors needed to determine the impact on our snook fishery. It is our responsibility as guides to be proactive in the fight to keep our Snook season closed over the next coming year, as we have seen first hand the decline in their population.

This page will be dedicated to any articles, written by Capt. Rhett and other respected editors that we feel our clients and all anglers should be informed of. For information on ways you can help, please contact us at contact@beyondbordersoutfitters.com

Mote Marine Laboratories

Oct 7th 2013

Capt. Rhett and Capt. Phil O'Bannon will be working with Mote Marine Laboratories today to collect baby Tarpon and Snook from our local estuaries for DNA sampling and research purposes. The furthering of knowledge and conservation efforts in our harbor is key to protecting our fishery. We are doing our part to help ensure the strength of our fishery for tomorrow, how about you?

Victory is Ours!

Oct 5th 2013

**Victory is ours!!! Thank you to everyone who fought for and supported our cause! On Thursday September 5, 2013, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission unanimously decided the 'Boca Grande Jig' was a snagging device. Both Capt. Rhett Morris and Capt. Chris Frohlich present for the final ruling in Pennsacola. We are thrilled with our results thus far but this fight is far from over, we still need to promote ethical angling and respect for our fishery.


Sport Fish and Game Fish

Feb 27th 2013

February 27th 2013 | Did you know that the state of Florida is one of the only states who does not have Sport Fish and Game Fish designations?? Simply put that means fish species labeled as “game fish” will be protected from commercial harvest as well as purchase and sale. Fish species labeled as “sport fish” will be given a catch-and-release only status. Sport fish for example would be Tarpon, and Bonefish.

Although there is much debate in regards to this topic, we feel strongly about it. We need to urge our Florida Wildlife Commissioners to move forward with adopting this rule for the protection of our fishery. Florida is known throughout our country as a "Fishing Capital", so we ask why has this not been already enforced considering the mass number of anglers that flock to our state? Instead of focusing on the now, we need to broaden our scope and look to the future. Please visit www.myfwc.com and contact your Florida commissioners regarding this.

Snook Season

Jun 29th 2012

JUNE 29Th 2012 | FWC recently held a meeting regarding possibly opening the upcoming snook season on June 28th. We are so happy to report that they chose to keep the season CLOSED! Which will give our Charlotte Harbor snook a fighting chance to increase their populations. We saw first hand the positive impact of keeping this past season closed, as we have not seen this many large snook in years. We are so appreciative of all of our clients, friends, and captains who wrote letters, as well as attended the actual meeting that helped the FWC come to this conclusion. For more information, or to read the FWC press release, please CLICK HERE.

Save the Tarpon

May 23rd 2012

Save the Tarpon Foundation has produced multiple educational articles regarding Tarpon conservation and ethical fishing methods needed to be enforced for their handling. We encourage our clients to please visit SAVETHETARPON.lCOM and become a member to help us fight for those who cannot do so for themselves. This is a call to action, as our very own Captain Chris Frohlich stated in his extremely well written article, Unafraid, unfazed, and certainly not intimidated, Over the years, we have caught and handled thousands of tarpon, and we have learned something new from every one. And every year we are adapting our techniques and how we interact with them to help ensure their survival. Please help us in this fight, so that we may continue to enjoy and admire the Silver King for many more years to come.

We are very proud of our Captain, as well as the co-owner of Beyond Borders Outfitters, Chris Frohlich. His article Unafraid, unfazed, and certainly not intimidated, has captured the attention of those who were idly standing by to the severity of this issue. We highly recommend taking the time to read this informative and bold piece of literature.

Unafraid, unfazed, and certainly not intimidated. By Captain Chris Frohlich

The video you see below is called The Silver King:The Birth of Big Game Fishing. It is an hour long documentary on the historical role played by Tarpon in the Boca Grande Pass as well as the fishing industry in general. Not only is this informative on an educational standpoint, but extremely entertaining for anyone who has had the pleasure of bowing to the King.

For more information regarding this issue please go to http://savethetarpon.com

Save the Tarpon

May 23rd 2012

We have the pleasure of calling Aaron Adams Ph.D , Director of Operations at the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, a friend and have worked closely with him on several occasions. That being said, we support him in all facets of his work, knowing that he always has what is best for the fish and ecosystem in mind.He was published in the Boca Beacon on June 8th, 2012 reiterating that Responsible Catch and Release is essential to the survival of all fish, particularly Tarpon. His years of experience and research place his opinion above others, and should yet again reiterate the blinding fact that steps need to be taken to ensure that all fisherman are educated and aware of the proper handling of the fish they catch.


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