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Florida Tarpon Fishing Charter Boats
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Florida Shark Fishing Charters

Let the guides of Beyond Borders Outfitters Fishing Charters take you on a truly adventurous Shark fishing trip for a variety of Florida Shark species. Specializing in Shark fishing charters, our fishing guides target Sharks for most of the year.

Florida Salt Water Fly Fishing

We catch sharks on both conventional and fly tackle, using a variety of techniques. Our guides can put you on:

  • Massive Bull Sharks over 400lbs and up to 10 feet long
  • Lightning fast Blacktip Sharks from 3 to 6 feet long
  • Vicious lemon sharks ranging 5 to 10 ft long
  • And various other species!

Shark fishing is for the angler who would like to do battle with a prehistoric fish with unbelievable strength so we use big game tackle with stand up harnesses and belts.

We use a specific chumming technique, bringing the sharks in close to the boat, often within a visible distance making fly fishing for Sharks possible. There is nothing quite like the fin of a large Hammerhead or Bull Shark slicing through the water, head-on into a chum slick. The world record Hammerhead was caught right here in our fishing grounds, and there are bigger sharks out there waiting to be caught.

You can spend a full day or an hour fishing for Sharks with one of our guides. However, most successful Shark fishing trips require a minimum 4 hrs due to the amount of time it takes to actually land such a large fish. Springtime anglers can charter a combined trip for Tarpon and Shark if they desire.

Call today and book your Shark fishing charter with one of our top fishing guides.

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